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02 June

Buy HistoryPodcast Episodes on CD


HistoryPodcast Vol.1
Episodes 1 – 40
in MP3 format

Click on the shopping cart image above to purchase HistoryPodcast episodes 1 – 40 on CD. Episodes will be in MP3 format. I will ship them to your home in a special cardboard envelope to protect the CD. Thank you for supporting HistoryPodcast! The CD will include the following episodes:

  1. The Only Atomic Bomb Ever Dropped on America
  2. American Spy Plane Shot Down Over Russia
  3. Filibuster Movement
  4. Stonewall Jackson
  5. Cortez
  6. The Floating Whorehouse
  7. Lawrence of Arabia
  8. Prince Henry of Portugal vs. Zheng He
  9. Benedict Arnold
  10. Mata Hari
  11. John Hanson: First President?
  12. Dolchstosslegende or “dagger-thrust legend”
  13. Lady Godiva
  14. Henry Knox
  15. Peloponnesian War: Part I
  16. Godzilla
  17. AH Reginald Buller
  18. Opium War
  19. Nuclear Disasters
  20. Typhoid Mary
  21. Fukuzawa Yukichi
  22. Intro to Balkans Situation Prior to WWI
  23. Intro to the Balkans Part Two
  24. Part Three of Introduction to the Balkans Situation Prior to WWI
  25. Shanghai Ghetto
  26. Halloween
  27. Bloody Mary
  28. Rasputin
  29. Bobby Fischer
  30. Battle of Lexington
  31. H.P. Lovecraft
  32. Francis Marion
  33. Steven Bantu Biko
  34. Thanksgiving
  35. Factories
  36. Ottoman Empire: A Brief History
  37. Sealand
  38. New Thought
  39. History of Christmas
  40. Wu Ningkun
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