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Archive for December, 2005

29 December

HistoryPodcast 40 – Wu Ningkun


Tom Barker and Scott Corbet introduce us to Wu Ningkun, the first Chinese intellectual to be imprisoned by the People’s Republic of China.

HistoryPodcast 40 – Wu Ningkun.mp3 22:24 – 20.7MB

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22 December

HistoryPodcast 39 – History of Christmas


Christmas is a traditional Christian festival marking the birth of Jesus. Most, although not all, Christians observe this festival on December 25th. However, Christmas is now celebrated as a holiday by many people and cultures besides Christians, and indeed many Christmas traditions originated with pre-Christian observances that were subsumed into Christianity (e.g. Saturnalia, Yule or the Winter Solstice).

In predominantly Christian countries, Christmas has become the most economically significant holiday of the year, and it is also celebrated as a secular holiday in many countries with small Christian populations like Japan. It is largely characterized by gifts being exchanged within families and being brought by Santa Claus, Father Christmas or by other mythical figures. Local and regional Christmas traditions are still rich and varied, despite the widespread influence of American and British Christmas motifs disseminated by globalisation, popular literature, television, and other media.

The word Christmas is a contraction of Christ’s Mass, derived from the Old English Cristes maesse. It is often abbreviated Xmas, the X originates from the Greek letter X (chi) which has often historically been used as an abbreviation for Christ.

HistoryPodcast 39 – Christmas.mp3 22:06 – 20.4MB

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Songs Played this Episode:

Number One Fan – Christmas is here

gidgets ga ga – Christmas Wish

Natalie Brown – Jingle Bells – Public Domain Carol

Geoff Smith – My Own Merry Christmas

Matthew Ebel – Christmas 2004 Live – Walk A Thousand Miles

Jill Parr – Do You Hear What I Hear

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18 December

HistoryPodcast 38 – New Thought


A new episode from Christy Croft. The New Thought Movement describes a set of religious developments that originated in the United States during the late 19th century, beginning with Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. From this movement, several religious denominations have emerged that are actively spreading today, including Divine Science, Religious Science, the Universal Foundation for Better Living, and the Unity Church. Although Emma Curtis Hopkins, formerly associated with Christian Science, was considered the teacher of teachers of several key New Thought groups, Christian Science developed in a different direction and is not considered a New Thought denomination.

HistoryPodcast 38 – New Thought.mp3 13:37 – 12.6MB

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Mary Baker Eddy (Radcliffe Biography Series)

Music Played this Episode:

Intelect – Pod Theme

15 December

HistoryPodcast Episode 37 – Sealand


The Principality of Sealand is a micronation (a self-declared, unrecognised state-like entity) located in the North Sea six miles (10 km) off the coast of Essex, United Kingdom.

Coordinates for Sealand:
51° 53’40 N, 1° 28’57 E

HistoryPodcast 37 – Sealand.mp3 20:39 – 19MB

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08 December

HistoryPodcast 36 – Ottoman Empire: A Brief History


The Ottoman Empire was an imperial power, centered around the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, that existed from 1299 to 1922. At the height of its power in the 16th century, it included Anatolia, the Middle East, parts of North Africa, much of south-eastern Europe to the Caucasus in the north. It comprised an area of about 19.9 million km², though much of this was under indirect control of the central government. The Empire was situated in the middle of East and West, and interacted throughout its six-century history with both the East and the West.

HistoryPodcast 36 – Ottoman Empire: A Brief History.mp3 8:17 – 7.77MB

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Constantinople — by Philip Mansel

The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age 1300-1600 — by Halil Inalcik

An Economic and Social History of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1914 2 volume set (paperback) (Economic & Social History of the Ottoman Empire) — by Halil Inalcik, Suraiya Faroqhi, Bruce McGowan, Donald Quataert, Sevket Pamuk

Ottoman Warfare 1500-1700 — by Rhoads Murphey

The Ottoman Empire and Early Modern Europe (New Approaches to European History) — by Daniel Goffman

The End of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1923 — by A.L. Macfie

The Great Powers and the End of the Ottoman Empire — by Marian Kent (Editor)

Suleyman the Magnificent and His Age : The Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern World — by I. Metin Kunt

The Well-Protected Domains : Ideology and the Legitimation of Power in the Ottoman Empire, 1876-1909 — by Selim Deringil

The Ottoman Empire, 1700-1922 (New Approaches to European History) — by Donald Quataert
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04 December

HistoryPodcast 35 – Factories


I’m back and here is a new episode from Tom Barker!

HistoryPodcast 35 – Factories.mp3 13:28 – 12.5MB

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