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30 July

HistoryPodcast 71 – Battle of Blair Mountain


The Battle of Blair Mountain was one of the largest armed uprisings in American history. From August to September 1921, in Logan County, West Virginia, more than 10,000 coal miners confronted state and federal troops in an effort to unionize the West Virginia mines. It was the final act in a series of violent clashes that have been termed the Red Neck War, from the colour of neckscarves worn by the miners.

HP71 – Battle of Blairmountain.mp3 24:24 – 22.5MB


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Welcome to historypodcast 71. Today we have a very special treat. As some of my listeners already know listeners of historypodcast are encouraged to send in their own podcast on any history subject. Today, John McCoy a long time listener sent in a guest podcast about the battle of blair mountain. Thank you very much John. I hope you all enjoy this podcast as much as I do. John did a wonderful job.

Once again thank you very much for a wonderful podcast John. Please let John know how much you enjoyed this podcast by posting comments on the forums at the website, or by emailing me and I will forward it on to John. John also provided a script in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download it at

You can call in a request to the history hotline at 206-339-7278, thats 206-339-7278. You can also email your request to And remember to visit the website to learn more about the topic we cover on historypodcast and add yourself to the frapper map.

The frapper map is now 147 listeners strong. Todays frapper mappers are:

  1. Helen Cowans from Wooler, England
  2. FauxReal from Johnson City, Tennesse
  3. Keith Schneider from Charlotte, North Carolina, Keith says, “You help make history fun and personal.” Thank you very much Keith!
  4. Adam C. Luebbers from Gardners, Pensilvania
  5. Bert from the Netherlands, Bert says, “Keep on the good work!”


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