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28 October

UC Berkeley Podcasts


Oliver G. Writes…

Jason, I wanted to draw your attention to the history lessons that can be downloaded from the UC Berkeley website. I particularly enjoyed History 5 (Europe Civilization) and Infosys C103, History of Information (delivered by the iSchool, a very interesting school BTW). You can easily find those via iTunesU.

The “History of Information” series contains a small yet particulary intriguing bit about how the notion of and convention around TIME have changed over… time.

What about a podcast on the history of time (I know it sounds ironic but it is fascinating, e.g. Gregorian calendar, GMT, atomic clock)?

Best regards,


Oliver, sounds great. Thanks for the links. And I will add your email to the blog so others can hear about these great podcasts. I’ll put your requests on the list.

Other history podcasts from Berkeley:
History 4A The Ancient Mediterranean World
History 167B The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich (three day delay)

A list of all Berkeley’s podcasts.

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