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18 November

Listeners all the way from Kuwait!


I was really shocked and elated to see this email come in all the way from Kuwait.  Many thanks to Naif for taking the time to email me and of course for listening to the podcast!

Hi there,

First I have to say that I really love your show, it’s one of two non-gaming podcast I subscribe to (the other being smodcast), anyway I wanted to ask about the history of the Assassins, the reason why I’m asking is because since the game Assassin’s creed is being released soon Ubisoft wanted to release a book series about the game which has been stopped due to Assassins fear of being shown in a bad way.

Anyway keep on the good work and I wish all the best for your podcast.

Yours From Kuwait


Well, you know what this means, pretty soon you will all be listening to a podcast about the history of Assassins. Keep those emails coming!

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