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08 November

Who’s Listening: What you watch


I found this one very interesting. This is the percent of History Podcast listeners that watch these stations:

The History Channel – 62.82%

The History Channel International – 21.47%

PBS – 40.06%

Discovery Channel – 59.94%

Discovery Times – 15.38%

National Geographic Channel – 43.27%

The History Channel is the clear winner which makes sense. Also, it helps that it is a usually included in standard cable, while most of the other channels are part of a special cable tier that costs extra.

I do watch the History Channel on ocassion. Mostly I wach whatever station is carrying the hockey game. Michelle watches a lot of HGTV, Food Network (which appeared a few times in the “other” category), and Travel.

In the “other” category many of the write-ins were BBC, CBC, and Biography, as well as a few comedy centrals, and even some, “I don’t have cable”. However, my favorite was the person who wrote simply “podcasts”.

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