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Archive for December, 2007

27 December

Top 5 Myths About Christmas



#1 Myth

Retailers Have Ruined Christmas By Commercializing It

Until retailers began to see in Christmas the opportunity to market their merchandise the holiday attracted little of the attention it does now. It was retailers who made Christmas exciting. It was they who turned Santa Claus into a national icon. Montgomery Ward gave us Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. Coca-Cola helped popularize the smiling Santa. Retailers discovered the commercial possibilities of Christmas after the Civil War. Only then did newspapers regularly begin to feature advertising sales associated with the holiday.


22 December

HP108 – Elizabeth: Part 3


Another great script from Fiona means another episode of History Podcast on Elizabeth I. I hope you all enjoy this episode and please leave comments for Fiona on this posts. Thank you. There may be no more episodes until 2008. Please check out the ‘Episodes List’ for older episodes in the meantime. Happy Holidays!


Elizabeth – David Starkey
Elizabeth the Queen

15 December

HP107 – Galileo


This was a request via email from Jonathan Grunert. Jonathan wanted to know more about Galileo and specifically his troubles getting published.


Galileo at Work: His Scientific Biography (Dover Phoenix Editions)

Galileo: A Life

The Galileo Project

Wikipedia: Galileo

10 December

Teaching History Goes High-Tech


I wish my high school history was more like this when I was in school…

Hey Jason,

My name is Jim K. and I am an AP World History high school teacher in Palm City, Florida. I am so glad I ran into your site (through general google searching for history podcasts-I also found professor Bob). I’m going to add your shows to my curriculum and create quizzes based on them. I currently use which allows teachers to create multimedia type quizzes which include short videos, articles, images. etc. I think your podcasts will be a nice addition. I require my students to bring headphones to class (they all do anyway since they always carry around ipods and cell phones). I am a member of the World History Association and am an AP World History Grader for ETS and will spread the word about your great site and podcasts to the World History community.

Please keep the site and podcasts going, your effort is much appreciated and I want you to know that you are doing a great thing for history students! It will grow, I just know it.


Thanks for the email Jim, it always means a lot to get an email with kind words!  And I’m very happy to hear you will be spreading the word about the podcast!

08 December

HP106 – Assassins


This request was from listener Naif from Kuwait. The game Assassin’s Creed is being released soon and Naif wants to know more about Assassins. They have an very old history that I found interesting while doing the research for this podcast. I hope you all enjoy it. Happy holidays and thanks for listening!


How to Kill: The Definitive History of the Assassin

The Greatest Stories Never Told: 100 Tales from History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy

04 December

What Happened to the Peloponnesian War, Part II


Many listeners have asked in the past so I thought it would be a good idea to post this on the site, so you can all read about it…


I enjoy your podcast. I find it very informative. As I was going through iTunes, I came across your show and I subscribed. This was several weeks ago and I just recently caught up. Ever sense I listened to episode number 15, Peloponnesian War: Part I, I’ve been waiting for Part II of the segment. I’m not complaining, just pointing that out. It was done by a guest host and I’m just curious about what happens in Part II. Well, that’s all and keep up the good work.


That particular episode was a guest podcast by Tom S. I thought he did a wonderful job, but he has never responded to my queries for the second part. For those who want to hear more about this topic I suggest Military History Podcast. George did a two part series on the topic.

01 December



I’m no professional and have no one helping me out on pronunciations before the podcast is published. Now that I read Andy’s email I can see where he is coming from, proof readers would be welcome. I will continue to do my best on the episodes. Guest podcastes are always welcome!

Dear History Podcast

I have been downloading your podcasts for some months now and having just listened to the second cast on Elizabeth I I felt that I had to write on the subject of pronunciation. Obviously you do a lot of preparation for the casts but equally you do not spend any time researching pronunciation. As a result, your frequent and often embarrassing mispronunciations undermine the integrity of your efforts.

For example, the French city England had lost was Calais (pronounced Ca-lay); her suitor was the Earl of Leicester (pronounced Les-ter), and her courtier was Walsingham (Wal-sing-ham). Her rival to the throne was Mary, Queen of Scots (not Queen Mary of Scots).

Recent other sins have included pronouncing Greenwich as Green Witch not the correct Gren-itch.

Please try and get this right otherwise I will have to stop listening to the podcasts out of sheer irritation.

Yours faithfully
Andy D.