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10 December

Teaching History Goes High-Tech


I wish my high school history was more like this when I was in school…

Hey Jason,

My name is Jim K. and I am an AP World History high school teacher in Palm City, Florida. I am so glad I ran into your site (through general google searching for history podcasts-I also found professor Bob). I’m going to add your shows to my curriculum and create quizzes based on them. I currently use which allows teachers to create multimedia type quizzes which include short videos, articles, images. etc. I think your podcasts will be a nice addition. I require my students to bring headphones to class (they all do anyway since they always carry around ipods and cell phones). I am a member of the World History Association and am an AP World History Grader for ETS and will spread the word about your great site and podcasts to the World History community.

Please keep the site and podcasts going, your effort is much appreciated and I want you to know that you are doing a great thing for history students! It will grow, I just know it.


Thanks for the email Jim, it always means a lot to get an email with kind words!  And I’m very happy to hear you will be spreading the word about the podcast!

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