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04 December

What Happened to the Peloponnesian War, Part II


Many listeners have asked in the past so I thought it would be a good idea to post this on the site, so you can all read about it…


I enjoy your podcast. I find it very informative. As I was going through iTunes, I came across your show and I subscribed. This was several weeks ago and I just recently caught up. Ever sense I listened to episode number 15, Peloponnesian War: Part I, I’ve been waiting for Part II of the segment. I’m not complaining, just pointing that out. It was done by a guest host and I’m just curious about what happens in Part II. Well, that’s all and keep up the good work.


That particular episode was a guest podcast by Tom S. I thought he did a wonderful job, but he has never responded to my queries for the second part. For those who want to hear more about this topic I suggest Military History Podcast. George did a two part series on the topic.

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