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12 January

Updates to William Wallace episode


Well, even the best of us make mistakes.  And even though the script is right I can still mess it up when reading as Russell points out in this email:


Apologies if someone has raised this with you before, but there is a discrepancy near the start of your William Wallace podcast between the script and the narration. The script states that Scotland’s struggle for independence was ultimately successful, whereas the narration claims it was unsuccessful. It is actually the script which is correct and Scotland was successful.

It may sometimes be assumed that because Scotland is currently part of the UK, that it was as a result of English conquest. However, unlike Wales, Scotland achieved independence in the middle ages and remained independent for several centuries. The later unification was less to do with English force and more to do with the weakness of Scottish politicians to resist the temptation of English bribes to vote in favour of the union.

I must also add that I enjoy your podcasts,



Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks for the email Russell, and my apologies to those in Scotland!

It has been a while since I posted an episode, but don’t fret they are in development.

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