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Archive for February, 2008

23 February

HP110 – Langston Hughes


This episode is a guest recorded podcast from Jim. I hope you enjoy this episode.

I have been very busy with my day job recently. But don’t worry the podcast is not going anywhere.

Here are some of the sources that Jim used on the podcast:

Biondi, Lawrence, “Black History Month Calls Us to Unite in Mind, Heart and Soul” St. Louis University website

King, Martin Luther. “I Have a Dream” Page by Page Books

20 February

Ten Weird Facts About US Presidents


I know I have not put out a podcast in a while, I’ve just been busy, but do plan to put out an episode as soon as I can. In the meantime, enjoy this article from PoliZine:

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt (President #32) was related in some way to 11 former U.S. Presidents.

2. James Garfield, the 20th president, was a professor of ancient languages; he was also ambidextrous. He is said to have been able to write in Latin with one hand while writing in Greek with the other.

Read the rest here.