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09 April

Poop Fossil Pushes Back Date for Earliest Americans


Originally this article was from the AP, but the link here will point to Discovery News. It seems that human waste was found in a cave in Oregon and dated to 1,000 years before the Clovis people. Pretty big discovery!

Discovered in a cave in Oregon, fossil feces yielded DNA indicating these early residents were related to people living in Siberia and East Asia, according to a report in Thursday’s online edition of the journal Science.

“This is the first time we have been able to get dates that are undeniably human, and they are 1,000 years before Clovis,” said Dennis L. Jenkins, a University of Oregon archaeologist, referring to the Clovis culture, well known for its unique spear-points that have been studied previously.

Read the rest on Discovery News.


One Response to “Poop Fossil Pushes Back Date for Earliest Americans”

  1. yes, this is a great discovery. Now we have the archaeological and genetic evidence to finally put Clovis-first to bed.

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