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08 May

13 Things About the Zoot Suit Riots


Remember Zoot Suits? No, me either, but their still cool…

1. Zoot suits were popular among Hispanics, African Americans, and Italians during the 1930s and 1940s.

2. They were mainly worn for special occasions. The suit consisted of high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed pants paired with a long coat called a carlango that sported wide lapels and high padded shoulders. Sometimes a hat completed the look that contained a long feather. Sometimes a watch chain dangled from the belt to the knees and then looped back to a side pocket.

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One Response to “13 Things About the Zoot Suit Riots”

  1. Andy Walpole says:

    In Britain at roughly the same time we had the Edwardian craze.

    This originated in the post-WWII austerity with the upper-classes dressing in Edwardian fashion (1900-1914) in order to project some glamour from a supposedly heroic past…

    It soon caught on with the working classes, with Edwardians becoming its diminutive, Teds or Teddy Boys.

    There’s an item I penned about Teddy Boys here:

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