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22 May

Three Blogs to Check Out Today


I could not decide which blog post I wanted to feature today, so I’m going to post all of them and you the reader can decide:

First Dinosaur Footprints Found on Arabian Peninsula from History Buff

In ancient coastal mudflats in Yemen, fossils reveal that a herd of 11 gigantic dinosaurs — sauropods, the largest animals that ever walked on land — tramped deep tracks into the earth that have lasted roughly 150 million years.

Ireland History from

I have receieved many requests for more Irish history.  Well, for those who are not getting enough Irish history from podcast check out this site!

Japanese tea ceremony from Japan History and Culture

A wonderful and very detailed description of the ceremony and its meaning.

The Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu, lit. “tea hot-water”; also called chad? or sad?, “the way of tea”) is a multifaceted traditional activity based on Taoism (Daoism) and influenced by Zen Buddhism, in which powdered green tea, or matcha , is ceremonially prepared and served to others.

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