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03 September

HP115 – Diabetes


This episode is a request from possibly our youngest listener. Eric who is 10 years old.  Eric has diabetes type one and wants to know more about the history of diabetes especially type one.

The History of Diabetes,
Diabetes History,
Wikipedia: Diabetes mellitus,

Not a source but a useful site:


2 Responses to “HP115 – Diabetes”

  1. Adam says:

    I’m type 1 too and have been for the last 15 years. I mentioned low carb diets to my doctor the other day, and he told me something interesting about them. Rather than try to quote our private communications, I’ve found the info on a website:

    “At the time of the discovery of insulin, the only way to manage diabetes was through a diet low in carbohydrate and sugar, and high in fat and protein. Instead of dying shortly after diagnosis, this diet allowed diabetics to live but only for a few years at most. Victims eventually fell into a coma and died, frequently within months of a diagnosis. ”


  2. matt says:

    Trim down the intro music.. 23 seconds is way… tooo long!!

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