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10 September



A wonderful article about prohibition.  Great detail and great history!

Prohibition: It certainly seemed like a great idea at the time: Just outlaw liquor and, bam!, goodbye social ills of every stripe—from the Germans to the Irish. Yes, pandering to xenophobia was the favorite tactic among Prohibition crusaders, who painted saloons as a filthy underworld brimming with undesirable foreigners. Ultimately, however, the event that probably did the most to push America toward Prohibition was the country’s 1917 entry into World War I. Prohibitionists began arguing that all of America’s resources were needed to fight the German menace, using the logic that, if the government needed to maximize agricultural production to win the war, then it couldn’t waste all that grain on booze. Apparently, their message worked. By the end of 1917, the majority of Americans were living in alcohol-free states or counties.

Read more at mental_floss.

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