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27 October

7 Close Calls in the Nuclear Age


From mental_floss

Here’s a formula for fun: Arm two superpowers to the teeth with thousands of nuclear warheads. Make sure they are deeply hostile and suspicious of each other. Now, cut off diplomatic communication, stir in about 50 smaller countries with their own agendas on each side, and—voilà!—you’ve got yourself a cold war!

Read about these seven close calls:

  1. Suez Crisis
  2. SAC-NORAD Communication Failure
  3. U2 Spy Plane Accidentally Violates Soviet Airspace (also mentioned in history podcast episode 1)
  4. When Camping, Make Sure to Hide Your Nuclear Weapons
  5. A Terrifying Crash
  6. Comp Fear
  7. Comp Fear, Part 2
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