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19 February

HMS Victory Discovered


In July 1744, she set sail to rescue a Mediterranean convoy blockaded by the French Brest fleet in the River Tagus at Lisbon. After victoriously chasing the French fleet away, she escorted the convoy into the Mediterranean Sea as far as Gibraltar, then set sail to return to her home port in England. During the course of the voyage, her fleet captured a number of valuable prizes, and she was also reported to have taken on board a consignment of 400,000 pounds sterling for Dutch merchants. On her return trip to England, HMS Victory was lost with all hands in a violent storm on October 5, 1744.

From this PDF.  Found via Metafilter.  Link to Odyssey Press Release.  Write up also found on The History Blog.  Video and article at Discovery News.

Image from flickr user mre1965.

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