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13 March

Daylight Savings Time History


Well, we switched over at 2am on Sunday, so hopefully you survived the transition and are now asking yourself, why the heck did that happen?  Well, that is why I am here.  Blame Congress!  According to Title 15, Chapter 6, Sub Chapter IX, Section 260 of Commerce and Trade:  Congressional declaration of policy; adoption and observance of uniform standard of time; authority of Secretary of Transportation

It is the policy of the United States to promote the adoption and observance of uniform time within the standard time zones prescribed by sections 261 to 264 of this title, as modified by section 265 of this title. To this end the Secretary of Transportation is authorized and directed to foster and promote widespread and uniform adoption and observance of the same standard of time within and throughout each such standard time zone.

There is a long great article at National Geographic that describes everything about the why, how and when of Daylight Savings Time.  Image credit: flungabunga.

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