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15 March

Last Week in History News


The best of last weeks big history news stories:

Lincoln’s Watch

 Watchmaker Jonathan Dillon scrawled:

Fort Sumpter [sic] was attacked by the rebels…thank God we have a government.

along with his name, the date and a short account of the attack at Fort Sumter, the event that sparked the American Civil War, behind the watch’s face.

Read more:




Diamond Heist

“They had executed the plan perfectly: no alarms, no police, no problems. The heist wouldn’t be discovered until guards checked the vault on Monday morning.”

Check out “The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist” at Wired.

Last Photo Taken of Abraham Lincoln

Supposedly the last photo taken of Lincoln before he was shot.

Read the stories:

Discovery News

History Rhymes


Barbie’s 50th Anniversary

Only this American institution could have inspired Barbara Karleskint, 48, to spend nearly $700 so she and one of her dolls could wear matching red chiffon gowns and capes at an annual collectors gathering.  “Look, we’re not as bad as the Star Trek convention people,” Karleskint, who lives outside of Orlando, Florida, said with a laugh. Collecting Barbies “brings me joy; that’s all I can say. And life’s not worth living unless you have some joy.

Quote above from CNN.  Read more on BBC and mental_floss, two great articles.

Photo of Shakespeare

A newly discovered painting, in private hands for 300 years, may just be the only (known) portrait of William Shakespeare painted in his own lifetime.

Found on You’re History.

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