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23 March

Lion Drome…


Unbelievable!!!  I don’t have the words for this so just look at the picture.

This ladies and gentlemen is why I love history!!!  Yes, you are looking at a picture with a woman driving a care on a wall, yes, that is a lion in the sidecar next to her.  Oh my God, I can’t believe I just wrote that!  Now that I have your attention, this is real and it did happen in the 1920’s.  See, entertainment was so much better before television!  These brave women kept the lions they drove with as pets!

Lots of links for this one as it is making its way through the interweb: – More information and pictures.

History of the photo shown above at Photodoto.

Lots of pictures and description of crazy people driving cars on walls with lions at Dark Roasted Blend.

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