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31 March

The Goonies


Not quiet history, but I loved The Goonies when I was growing up.  Maybe you did too.  Anyway, here is some trivia from the movie.

The actress who played Harriet Walsh, Mary Ellen Trainor, married Robert Zemeckis. She was in four of his movies – Romancing the Stone, Back to the Future Part II, Death Becomes Her and Forrest Gump. They divorced in 2000.  Corey Feldman memorized all of the Spanish for the scene where he purposely mistranslates all of Mrs. Walsh’s instructions for the maid. If you recognize the housekeeper, by the way, it may be from Selena – she played Selena’s killer Yolanda. [Neatorama]

Click the link for more trivia.  Image credit: Roscoe Van Damme

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