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27 April

Franklin: The Lost State of America


Did you know about Franklin State?  Neither did I.  Check it out.  Books about its history below.

The strange but true story of the State of Franklin, and the events that led to its creation.  It is quite a strange (some might say tall) tale that arose from the ashes of the American Revolutionary War:  In August 1784 delegates from three of the eight western counties of North Carolina met in the town of Jonesborough. There was a vote and on the 23rd of the month they declared the lands independent. The state of Franklin was born.  Opposition was immediate – North Carolina published a manifesto condemining the formation of the new state (see above). In fact it brought about the first political pamphlet war for that part of America. [Neatorama]

Image Credit:   jimmywayne22

About this photo:

Replica of the capitol building for the State of Franklin. Greeneville, TN was the capitol city. The original building was lost while in transport back from the Tennessee Centenniel and International Exposition in Nashville in 1897. Only a single key remains to the original building.  Located across from Greeneville City Hall  The State of Franklin was in existence from 1784-88. It included lands within 8 current TN counties: Blount, Carter, Greene, Hamblen, Hawkins, Jefferson, Johnson, Sevier, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington. The counties seceded from North Carolina to form the “state” but never really gained much actual power. The counties returned to North Carolina and then to the newly formed State of Tn in 1796.  Historic Marker:  State of Franklin link: 


The Lost State of Franklin: America’s First Secession (New Directions in Southern History)


One Response to “Franklin: The Lost State of America”

  1. kim says:

    ive been listening to the podcasts for awhile, there informative and interesting. i was looking on the site earlier today and noticed something on the st. of franklin; i live in unicoi and remember learning about this all through school. if my memory serves the pic that is in the article is the on in jonesbrough that was up for sale awhile back. if anyone can get a copy of tenn. history(school textbook pub in or around 94-96)it talks about it. had a pic of daniel boone on it. this is just comming from memory if i find my copy ill upsate my post.

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