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28 April

Swine Flu and Past Epidemics


I usually stay away from current events as a rule, but I saw this picture and read the following article and couldn’t resist writing something about it.  Is the media over hyping this whole swine flu thing?  This article brings back the discussion about SARS to remind us, that this too shall pass.

But as quickly as it [SARS] came, it just as quickly faded away. The virus turned out not to be as contagious as feared. To date, the World Health Organization estimates that 774 people died from SARS. Most of the deaths occurred in Hong Kong and other areas in Southern China–where officials let the outbreak fester too long without taking steps to contain it. [MSN via Forbes]

And from more history…

1976: President Gerald Ford orders a nationwide vaccination program to prevent a swine flu epidemic.

Image credit:  Tim Zim

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