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24 September

7 Famous People Who Became Famous Ghosts


Found via mental_floss:

Marilyn Monroe: The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood is known for two types of sightings: big Hollywood stars and free roaming spirits. The most famous of these uninvited guests is the former blonde bombshell herself, who got her first job by posing on the pool’s diving board for a suntan commercial and frequently stayed in a room of the hotel that her ghost allegedly haunts. Guests can even peer into the full-length mirror that former guests and staff members claim to have seen an image of a beautiful young blonde woman who spoke to them and then suddenly disappeared.

Read the rest at mental_floss.

Image courtesy of:  spaceageboy


One Response to “7 Famous People Who Became Famous Ghosts”

  1. stephanie martinez says:

    wow she is da bomb wish i couldve met her >.<

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