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10 September

The Show (What’s Going On?)


Well, some of you may have noticed that my last post to the website was months ago.  Even more have noticed that I haven’t published a podcast in over 9 months.  Listener David B. noticed and sent me this email.

I have been listening to your History Podcast broadcasts for a few weeks, and I have greatly enjoyed your programs. I have noticed that there have been no new podcasts since February, 2009. I was wondering what has happened to the show, plus put in my vote to for its return to the air. Thanks for your hard work on the show!

David, thanks for the email!  You were one of very few to email me.  You are also one of very few who enjoy the podcast according to the iTunes rating in the iTunes store.  Everytime I read those reviews I’m discouraged from doing anymore podcasting.  I never thought I would be a contender for the Podcast Awards, but geez those folks on iTunes are just plain mean!  However, the real reason is with my daughters arrival almost a year ago, I have had very little time for anything related to a hobby.  And since that is all History Podcast is, it is the first thing in my life to be dropped.

I have not deleted the old podcast episodes and all of them are still available to download via iTunes or this website.  I want to continue to podcast, but until I get more time or suddenly require less sleep, it is not going to happen.  So David and anyone else who actually reads this, hang in there. There maybe more coming…

In the meantime, I will continue to try to post on this website as often as I can.  I look forward to reading your comments and emails.


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One Response to “The Show (What’s Going On?)”

  1. Susan says:

    Sympathize with that first year of parenthood — still one of my most vivid memories after 40 years.

    How about a show on history of baby names — most popular, or ones you yourselves used or contemplated? If you’re like me and my spouse, you mulled over lists of names for months (actually, in our case, 2 years). Baby name lists usually give enough information that the research might be relatively easy, and you wouldn’t have to turn aside from the current, probably overwhelming topic of your life.

    More ambitious would be the history of how babies were treated — ancient Rome (eek!) is easy to find, and there’s excellent commentary on the strange lack in the medieval record of anything much about babyhood in B. Tuchman’s book, “A Distant Mirror”, Ch. 3.

    It would be good to hear from you again!

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