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Archive for October, 2009

02 October

Hitlers Descendents may be your Neighbors


Found on MailOnline:

Thirty-nine living relatives of Adolf Hitler have been discovered by Belgian researchers after they claim to have decoded the Nazi dictator’s DNA.

The American relatives have agreed not to have children to extinguish the saga of Hitler and stop living in fear, but have promised to publish a book before they die,’ said Mulders, who works for Belgian newspaper Het Laaste Nieuws.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

01 October

Titan Missile Site



Found via Boing Boing:

On Memorial Day of 2007, and then again in December, I visited two separate Titan I missile sites. The first was quite the introduction. The second was mind-blowing. There are no words to describe being in what is perhaps the world’s largest underground missile complex. In fact, I’ve tried more than once, and in my mind have not achieved an adequate description. Last month, I clicked on a random link and encountered the narrative of another man who had done the same. His words, and his story came much closer to describing the feeling in detail. Even better, this man knew all of the intricacies of the base. He was a true savant of Titan I – and probably the foremost non-military expert of these historic bases. I contacted him and asked if he would be willing to talk about his experience and he readily agreed.


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