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21 October

Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner!


Congratulations to Lisa! She is the lucky winner of the America: The Story of Us blu-ray. Lisa I will be contacting you shortly. Thank you everyone for entering and the kind words.


5 Responses to “Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner!”

  1. Hi Matt,

    I can’t find an e-mail address so I’ll have to use a comment to get in touch. Your podcast has been on the Historical Podcasts site for a long time so you are probably already aware of it, but we are having a bit of revamp so you might want to have a quick look. Any commments, suggestions or corrections will be gratefully received. Hoping we won’t have too long to wait for the next episode – though appreciate you do it for fun like we do so no pressure.

  2. ChrisTeaser says:

    Whoops, I am Chris. Not Christ. Sorry for the typo.

  3. Jason says:

    Who’s Matt?

  4. ChrisTeaser says:

    Sorry! I meant Jason.

  5. ChrisTeaser says:

    Not doing very well today I am afraid.

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