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28 February

Who Do You Think You Are?


Who Do You Think You Are is a television program that was originally in the UK starting in 2004.  Last year they brought the program to the states.  I first heard about it when listening to BBC History Magazine Podcast where they mentioned the UK program.  Then later when listening to another podcast, History According to Bob, I heard that the show was in the US and had some good programming according to Bob.  I trust Bob, so I looked for it on Hulu and found it.  The first season is now only available to Hulu Plus subscribers (a fee service), but the new ones are available to watch for free, for a limited time.  Here is a link to the Hulu page for Who Do You Think You Are, where the go over Vanessa William’s family history.  It is very interesting.  If you really like and and want more, the first season is available at Amazon where you can Pre-Order for March 15 or watch instantly via Amazon Instant video.

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