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10 March

History is All Around You


I ran into some local history a few weekends ago while out with my family. We were visiting a popular garden shop here in the orange county and we saw a cool gazebo when I approached it I saw that it had a sign stating its local history. I posted those pictures a while ago on our Facebook page, but here they are for you incase you missed them there.

Originally this gazebo/bandstand sat in the middle of Town Square at Disneyland.   Just before the park opened the bandstand was moved just to the left of the castle, because Walt was afraid it would get in the way of people seeing the castle.  It was there on opening day July 17, 1955.  Later the Carnation Garden’s Plaza would be built to permanent house all the musical performances.  It was then that the bandstand was moved to Adventureland, in an area that would become known as Magnolia Park, near the jungle cruise.  In 1962 the Jungle Cruise had an expansion and the Bandstand was donated to the city of Anaheim.  Its last move was to Roger’s Gardens when the City of Anaheim asked them if they would like to have it.

Here is a cool video I found that gives a great overview:

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