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25 December

Christmas 2013

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments by Flickr user Joe Buckingham

We have celebrated many Christmas with our listeners from the podcast and the readers of this blog.  Back in 2005 we created a history podcast just for Christmas (number 39).  In the newsletter I sent out on Saturday night you also learned about Christmas Island.  There is much more to that story so follow the link for the whole thing.  In 2007 we ran an article about all the myths surrounding this holiday.  That was one of those Top 5 type post that are total link bait, I know.

In addition to all that cool stuff there is to read and listen to about Christmas history I thought this year I would add just a bit more for you to read up on.

Skip to 0:28.

In 1914 there was a Christmas Truce.  These were unofficial cease fires that took place across many different battle fields during Christmas day 1914 in the middle of World War I, or as it was called then, The Great War.  There is a movie about it called Joyeux Noel.  If you have Amazon Instant you can watch it right now for free.  I couldn’t find it on Netflix instant.

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