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10 December

Frank Sinatra Jr. Kidnapping

Frank Sinatra Jr

Frank Sinatra Jr, Image credit: Officer Phil

Son of famous Frank Sinatra, Frank Wayne Sinatra was 19, when he was kidnapped on December 8, 1963 from the Harrah’s Lake Tahoe.  He was released two days later on December 10, when his father paid the $240,000 (1.8 million in 2013 dollars) ransom. His kidnappers, Barry Keenan, Johnny Irwin, and Joe Amsler were soon captured and convicted for the crime.

 The kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. was a half-baked act poorly executed by witless amateurs — and the second most infamous kidnapping in American history, after that of the Lindbergh Baby  in 1932.  –trutv

While on a pay phone with the kidnappers, Sinatra Sr. ran out of money.  This incident lead to the life long tradition of always carrying a roll of dimes in is pocket.

This American Life (one of my favorite podcast) interviewed Barry Keenan in an episode still available for download.

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