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08 January

Crazy Horse’s Last Stand


I’m partial to this topic as I once did a school report on Crazy Horse. 136 years ago today Crazy Horse and his warriors fought the U.S. Cavalry in Montana. After Custer’s last stand 6 month’s previous to this battle General Nelson Miles was sent to offer the remaining Indians a chance to surrender. Some accepted others like Sitting Bull and Crazy horse refused. Crazy Horses band of warriors were low on ammunition, outnumbered, and those not ill were nearly starving.

In January 8, 1877 General Miles found Crazy Horse’s camp. Crazy Horse has parked his group at along the Tongue river in Montana. General Miles ordered the large gun mounted wagons to open fire. This forced the Indians from their tents into a raging blizzard. Crazy Horse and his warriors managed to hold off the Calvary until the women and children could run for it. He and his warriors followed on their heels.

Even though Crazy Horse escaped this encounter he realized that he would not make it through another. He and his group surrendered at the Red Cloud reservation near Nebraska’s Fort Robinson on May 6, 1877. Five months later Crazy Horse was stabbed to death by a guard.

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