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10 January

Dashiell Hammett Dies

Dashiell Hammett

Dashiell Hammett

Dashiell Hammett was the author of The Maltese Falcon a 1930 detective novel dreamed up with ideas from his time working at Pinkerton’s detective agency, where he was employed for 8 years.  He was born in 1894 and died at the age of 67 from lung cancer, which he was diagnosed with just two months before his death.

Hammett is known for inventing the “hard-boiled” detective writing style that became very popular in detective novels.  In 1998 the novel was ranked 56 in Modern Libraries 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century.  That’s out of all novels not just detective ones, very impressive!

The book was made into a film three times, in 1931, 1936 under the title Satan Met a Lady with Bette Davis and in 1941 starring Humphrey Bogart.  The last being the most well known and one of my personal favorite movies.  It was also nominated for three Academy Awards.  It is named as one of the greatest films of all time by Roger Ebert and Entertainment Weekly.  The movie premiered on October 3, 1941 in New York City and was selected for inclusion by the Library of National Film Registry in 1989, which was the very first year the registry took nominations.  The registry takes 25 films each year that are culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant films.  The films must be at least 10 years old.

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