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23 January



Frisbee Flickr

The WHAM-O Slingshot was the product that gave the company, founded in 1948, its distinctive name. When the missile hit its target, it made the sound “WHAM-O”.  The slingshot may have launched the company, but many of us also remember another iconic product from Wham-o.  The Frisbee.  It’s original inventor was a building inspector by the name of Fred Morrison.  He sold the flying disc to Wahm-o in 1955.  Wham-o introduced the new product to consumers in 1957 as the Pluto Platter.  It was renamed the next year to the name we all know, Frisbee.  Morrison was got the patent for the Pluto Platter in 1958 (U.S. Design Patent D183,626).

It wasn’t  until Edward Headrick modified the design of the Frisbee to be more stable during flight that sales really took off.  Unfortunately the privately held company  does not release sales numbers.

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