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Archive for October, 2014

17 October

Revolutionizing the Historic Slot Machine


The one-armed bandit is one of those things that every casino gamer who lived around the early 1900s is familiar with. Well, actually, anyone who sees an old slot machine – whether a novice or experienced gambler – will know how to play it. After all, how much simpler could a machine get? You pull a lever, wait for the reels to stop spinning, and hope that you get matching symbols.

The Liberty Bell is considered the godfather of the modern slot machines. It was created by Charles Fey, a car mechanic based in San Francisco, in 1895. It is a three-reel model that is still used in some casinos today despite the newer and more advanced 5-reel slot design. The original Liberty Bell slot machine is on display in a saloon in Nevada as a historical artifact.

A few decades after the creation of the original Liberty Bell, gaming developers have begun revolutionizing the way slot machines operate. This is evident in both online and offline slot machines, and gamers and gamblers from all over the world are enjoying the change. Dragonfish Tech — a leader in developing high-tech slot machines — has made a name for itself by creating hundreds of titles that changed the face of the slot industry forever. Some of its slot games can be seen at affiliate sites including Gibraltar-based entertainment hub Total Gold.

Land-based slot machines, however, are a much better illustration of this change. While players used to be able to play by just pulling a small lever on the side of the machine, nowadays, slot machines also require a lot more interaction. We take a look at Bally Technologies’ All That Jazz machine, which takes full advantage of the interactive iDeck and allows players to play a familiar tune on a virtual piano in the bonus round.

Many slot machines now also require players to spin a wheel for their bonus multipliers, and these have made playing on slot machines all the more entertaining. Having replaced the well-known lever with buttons on most video slot machines, developers seem to be in the process of overhauling the slot machine altogether. Pretty soon, we might be seeing machines that are less slot machine, and more arcade game machine in casinos.

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