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25 February

RIP Maria Von Trapp

Von Trapp Family

Von Trapp Family

Maria Von Trapp was from the musical family whose escape from Nazi-occupied Austria was the basis for The Sound of Music.  She died at the age of 99 in her home in Vermont.  She was the last surviving member of the seven original Trapp Family Singers.  Maria was portrayed as Louisa in the film and musical.  She was the 3rd child and 2nd oldest daughter of Austrian Naval Capt. Georg von Trapp and his first wife, Agathe Whitehead von Trapp.  “The Sound of Music” was based loosely on a 1949 book by von Trapp’s second wife, also Maria von Trapp, who died in 1987.


LA Times

23 August

How to Subscribe to History Podcast


I created a youtube video describing step-by-step how to subscribe to History Podcast using iTunes.  Now, I understand that not everyone uses iTunes and I intend to address other ways of subscribing/listening to the podcast in future posts, but since most people 90% listen via iTunes we are going to cover this way first.  Please let me know how you listen to the podcast in the comments below.

09 July

Fourth of July History


Want to learn more about the Fourth of July? Want to read the Declaration of Independence

Too lazy to read it? Have it read to you.

Discover the back story of the Fourth of July

Origin of Fireworks:

America the Story of Us: Declaration of Independence

02 July

History Book Club


This will be a quick post to tell you about the great book group I found on  It is for people who like to read history books.  Every month the book group reads different books.  You can choose to participate in all group reads or just in the ones that are reading books you are interested in.

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch

The best part is the free books.  Ever once and a while the group leader will receive free books from publishers.  Around 30 copies are usually sent to him.  He then ask who would be willing to read the book and participate in the group discussion online.  If you agree you are put in the running to receive the book.  No shipping fees, nothing.  Just a free book with the understanding that you will participate in the discussion once it begins.  I did this already once for Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch. It was a great read and the discussion was wonderful.

Enemies: A History of the FBI

If this sounds like something you would like to do head on over to Goodreads History Book Club.  Joining Goodreads is free and joining the history book club is free.  Right now the free book that we are all reading is Enemies: A History of the FBI. It is not too late to join in the discussion on this book if you want to pick up the book yourself and join in the conversation. Everyone is welcome.

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman

On July 9, we start reading Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman. You still have plenty of time to pick this one up. There are also other book readings going on in this group at the same time. So, have a look around and see if there is anything you are interested in. The Catherine read has already maxed out on the free books available, but join the group now so you don’t miss out on the next free book group read.

If you start reading the FBI or Catherine book as part of the online group read, please let me know on the goodreads discussion boards.  I’d like to know if some history podcast listeners are out there.  I will be reading the books right along with you.

20 January

American History Course on iTunes U


I saw the in the app store and could not resist checking it out. After all it is free. And it seems like more and more people have iPads now.


As you can see from above it’s a completely separate app you will need to download, but it is free so if you have the space go ahead and download it.


That’s what it looks like and you can preview the content that will be available once you download too.


Once you download it will be available in an app that looks just like iBooks.


And here is a look at the content that you get for free.


06 May

Learn More About Thor


You may be into superhero comics, action movies or Norse mythology we will cover it and help you learn more about it in this post. The movie Thor which came out today, May 6, 2011.

You can read the comics in 3 volumes all offered at

So there are the comics and movie, but what about the real mythology? There is a lot to learn there too. Start here with the wikipedia article. If that is not enough you can learn more from these books:

01 May

Osama Bin Laden is Dead


Tonight the President announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  This is just a quick post to thank and congratulate the men and women of our armed forces and intelligence community for their exceptional work!

04 April

Khan Academy


Every once and a while I try to stop by TED because they have really cool presentations there and you can watch them for free. One day a few weeks ago I did that and I stumbled upon this:

I thought this was very cool. He has some great videos up on youtube here are just some of them. Never mind, I can’t embed it here so you will have to use the link above to check it out.

29 March

Vladimir Komarov & Yuri Gagarin



Here is a new category on the blog. Movie reviews! So, Christian (a long time supporter of the website and podcast) sent me a link to an article about the astronaut Vladimir Komarov. So I was reading this and thought really? I guess I wasn’t the only one because quickly after the original post the put up another post addressing all the questions the first one created in the comments section.

So, now we don’t know what happened at all. But one of the comments on another site, I think digg, but I’m not sure said that the whole thing was debunked in the documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. So I rented this from Netflix and they didn’t mention a single thing about Vladimir Komarov. Totally bummed, but on the bright side it was a really good documentary that featured interviews with American astronauts. So, it wasn’t a total loss.

And as mentioned in the NPR articles there is a book coming soon that may unveil some of the questions that we are seeing pop up. I myself, would really like to know what happened. Hopefully, Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin will provide some answers, or at least give us some interesting history. In the mean time I think I will break out some blu-rays that I have had for a while but have not had the chance to watch, When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions [Blu-ray]. Anybody see this yet?

Oh, and one more thing, on April 12, there is supposed to be a film coming out on youtube that will tell us more. See the link here.

24 March

Elizabeth Taylor Biography


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor passed away yesterday, Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at the age of 79. The two-time Oscar winner was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in February for symptoms of heart failure. Taylor is one of the most recognized film stars of recent history. She has been in around 50 films and also appeared numerous times in television programs. She is widely known for her 8 marriages and work with AIDS research fundraising.

Elizabeth was born with a mutation that caused double rows of eyelashes, which enhanced her appearance on camera.

Taylor was born in London, England on February 27, 1932 to her American parents Francis and Sara Taylor. Her father was an art dealer with a business in London. Her mother was an actress. Two years before her birth, her brother Howard was born. In 1939 the family moved back to the states, were Taylor began her career as a child actress. She would appear in her first movie, There’s One Born Every Minute at the age of 9.

She is most well known for her roles in:

Taylor helped raise tens of millions of dollars for AIDS research during her life. She created the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. Elizabeth had four children with three of her husband’s. She won Oscars for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and BUtterfield 8. She was nominated for three other Oscars. She won the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 1993.

“Though her loss is devastating to those of us who held her so close and so dear, we will always be inspired by her enduring contribution to our world. Her remarkable body of work in film, her ongoing success as a businesswoman, and her brave and relentless advocacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS, all make us all incredibly proud of what she accomplished,” says her son, Michael Wilding.

Further Learning:

Books Taylor wrote herself:

Text sources:,,,