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01 December



I’m no professional and have no one helping me out on pronunciations before the podcast is published. Now that I read Andy’s email I can see where he is coming from, proof readers would be welcome. I will continue to do my best on the episodes. Guest podcastes are always welcome!

Dear History Podcast

I have been downloading your podcasts for some months now and having just listened to the second cast on Elizabeth I I felt that I had to write on the subject of pronunciation. Obviously you do a lot of preparation for the casts but equally you do not spend any time researching pronunciation. As a result, your frequent and often embarrassing mispronunciations undermine the integrity of your efforts.

For example, the French city England had lost was Calais (pronounced Ca-lay); her suitor was the Earl of Leicester (pronounced Les-ter), and her courtier was Walsingham (Wal-sing-ham). Her rival to the throne was Mary, Queen of Scots (not Queen Mary of Scots).

Recent other sins have included pronouncing Greenwich as Green Witch not the correct Gren-itch.

Please try and get this right otherwise I will have to stop listening to the podcasts out of sheer irritation.

Yours faithfully
Andy D.

08 October

Haverhill aka hay-vrill or Hay*v’rul


Jon wrote me in late January and Marilyn (resident of Haverhill and neighbor to Hannah’s Garrison house) also just sent in an email to let me know the correct pronunciation of Haverhill the town where Hannah Duston was born in HP75.  Thank you both for your email and I hope you continue to listen to the podcast and can forgive a mispronunciation here and there.