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28 September



Q: What is the “VIP Code” for the forums?

A: To register on the forums you need to use the VIP Code: 1776. This hampers the attempts of spammers and automated “spam-bots” from registering on the forums.

Q: How do I subscribe?

A: Copy this URI into your favorite podcatcher:

Q: How do I request an episode on a particular topic?

A: E-mail me at historypodcast “at”


6 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Harry Carpenter says:

    I have always been interested to know more about the US Indianapolis which was Discussed in Jaws.

    Thanks. I enjoy your podcasts

  2. Don Foster says:


    I’m just now getting into podcast – WOW, I’ve been missing something great. Like you I love history – mostly WWII. I would love to write a podcast for you, but work and family must come first – maybe someday. Keep up the great work.


  3. Mike Gilbert says:


    I want to compliment you on a podcast series well done. I especially enjoyed the bloopers at the end of HP112 – Battle of the Aleutian Islands.


  4. Todd Bruce says:

    Hey Jason, I really enjoy your podcasts. I just discovered them and usually listen to 5-10 a day at work. I drive a haul truck at a coal mine and it can get pretty monotonous. I love history and enjoy the way your podcasts are presented. My only disappointment is becuas eI live in Canada, I do not get up-to-date podcasts, iTunes only has up to the end of last year. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    British Columbia, Canada

  5. Jeff Vernon says:

    Just wondering about writing some articles for the podcast. I’m a fan of the casts, but as a historian, I feel that some are a little short on the peripheral aspects of the stories. Tey are all still quite good, the harest thing about teaching history is the presentation, and you guys hae done a good job with that.

  6. ken meece says:

    i have enjoyed this podcast so much! but i wonder if it is “on hold” or if you just had to move on — only one episode in 2009. i hope you continue to enjoy doing these, so we can enjoy them too! best, ken

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