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16 February

Listening to Podcast on an Android Phone


I am one of the few who does not have an iPhone.  I think everyone would know how to subscribe to a podcast using their iPhone.  But, what if, like me, you have an android phone?  Well, I wanted to investigate this since I have one and sometimes I want to discover new podcast or subscribe to one and I don’t have wifi for my iPod, but I do have my trusty Android phone.  I found Google Listen.  It is an app from Google Labs.  The app allows you to search for podcast to listen to.  Once you find one you can subscribe and instantly listen to a podcast.  The podcast subscription will appear in you Google Reader under a folder called “Listen Subscriptions”.

It was hard for me to find the podcast I was looking for using my phone to search.  It was much easier to find the rss feed of the podcast, and paste it into google reader, then I dragged it to the Listen Subscriptions folder and presto, it was in my phone instantly.  That was easy, but it doesn’t solve the problem of finding and subscribing with just the phone.  It’s too bad google doesn’t have an easier way to do this.

Check out this in-depth youtube review of Google Listen:

Do you use another app for Android that you like?  Please share in the comments.