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30 November

Unsafe at Any Speed


Unsafe at any Speed was a book written by Ralph Nader which was published on November 30, 1965.  The book accused car manufactures of producing unsafe vehicles.  For example, Nader said in the book that companies were unwilling to spend money on additional safety features.  Or cutting corners to make cars cheaper, but these cost savings resulted in unsafe cars.  One of the biggest examples was the Chevy Corvair also known as “The One-Car Accident”.  Nader devoted a whole chapter to it.  The first chapter in fact.  The book made the name Ralph Nader a household name.

Each chapter int he book was devoted to one topic on automobile safety.  The chapters were:

  • The Sporty Corvair
  • Disaster deferred
  • The second collision
  • The power to pollute
  • The engineers
  • The stylists
  • The traffic safety establishment
  • The coming struggle for safety