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14 June

Happy 8th Birthday History Podcast


We’re not history yet…

Hi everybody.  Well its seems its been 8 years since I first uploaded The Only Atomic Bomb Ever Dropped on America on June 5th (or 18th depends on if you use the blog post date or the mp3 upload date) 2005.  Thats a long time and while many things have changed for this podcast over those years, my desire to keep podcasting, writing and learning about history has not.  I may not have as much time for it as I once did, but I still enjoy it very much.  While you may not have noticed I have been making some changes across the website recently.  No podcasts yet, but I’m starting to spend some more time on this “little” hobby.  It seems people are still interested in this little podcast after 8 years.  I would like to share some statistics with all of you.

Even though I haven’t posted a podcast since July of 2012.  I’m still getting downloads.  For example, this month alone I’ve had 6,755 downloads.  If you look at the below chart, since January 2012 we have been a little up and down, but since March its all growth!


May was our best month so far!  I have no idea what happened around the 10th of May.  There was no unusual traffic on the website, only the downloads peaked.  So, maybe we were a featured podcast or something?  May 10th was a 57% increase over the daily average for May.  Whatever it was it was big, but it was over by the 12th.


In 2011 my host, libsyn, did some major tinkering and I don’t have visibility to what the monthly downloads were only a total number.  If you add the pre-2011 total to our post 2011 total we have had….get ready for it:


Thats right millions!  I can’t believe it.  Wow!  Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and listened to one of our podcasts.  How cool is that?!  So, now it is time to do even more.  On of the many things I have done recently is add a subscription option to the site.  In the upper left of the page you should notice an option to give us your email address.  We won’t sell it to anyone else, its just for us.  I haven’t decided if we will do a quarterly or monthly email newsletter, but I do want to start doing a email newsletter of some kind.  I hope you will opt-in.  One thing is for sure, you don’t have to worry about getting too much email from me.  Besides not having time to send email, its expensive!

So, stay tuned.  I may not podcast often, but we are still here and we are not going anywhere.  Thanks for reading and have a great June!