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09 February

The “First” Hollywood Star

Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame – Flickr

We are going to dispel a rumor today.  Not vicious one by any means, but I want to make a point of this since it happens so often on the Internet.  The History Channel’s website has this entry, that states Joanne Woodward was the first star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Thats just not true, anyone can see the truth on the Walk of Fame’s website.  Stanley Kramer was the first star placed on the walk of fame on March 28, 1960.  But if we are being really truthful here, there was actually a block of stars (1,550) created in 1960 Kramer’s was just the first actually created.  The construction began actually the day before Woodward is credited with the first star, February 8, 1960.  Also, according to the walk of fame website Joanne Woodward was inducted into the walk of fame before construction began, on August 15, 1958.  Wikipedia says the reason for this confusion is that Woodward was the first to pose with her star for photographers.

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