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09 May

Podcast Review: Hank’s History Hour


Hank’s History Hour is produced by Hank Nelson, who sounds like a high school student.  Don’t let that fool you though.  Hank has done a wonderful job with his podcast.  Although it doesn’t look like it has been updated in a few years.  Hopefully, Hank will pick it up again.  He is probably in college now and doesn’t have much time to do podcasts.  It seems like the podcast’s original purpose was to help his fellow students get thought their history book since he often refers to the chapters in a textbook.

At the time I found Hank’s podcast I was searching for material on the Thirty Years War my last podcast.  So I listened to the podcast episode entitled Chapter 15 Part 1: The Religious Wars, it was about 38 minutes long.  It was originally published on October, 2, 2007.  Hank’s voice comes across as a real surfer dude, although I don’t know where he is located.  The podcast production leaves something to be desired but I had no trouble hearing Hank.  I did hear some pops and breaths a lot.  There was some strong language in the podcast.  For those looking for more information on the Thirty Years war and want to listen you can skip forward to minute 25 where Hank starts talking about Ferdinand.

This was a good podcast and I hope Hank produces more of them in the future.  Hank’s podcast has 112 ratings and they are all 5 stars!  You can find it in iTunes here.  Even though Hank has not put up a podcast since 9/2009 his podcast is still in the top 100 history podcasts.