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26 November



Originally Lincoln set the date of thanksgiving when he issued the Thanksgiving proclamation that declared it would be the last Thursday of November. In 1939 Franklin D Roosevelt announced that November 23 would be the new day for Thanksgiving. This was the next to last Thursday not the last as Lincoln had set up so many years ago. This did not go over well, but for two years FDR did it. Then finally on November 26, 1941, he admitted his mistake and signed a bill into law officially making the fourth Thursday in November the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day.

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22 November

HistoryPodcast 34 – Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is an annual holiday observed in the United States and Canada. The most common view of its origin is that it was to give thanks to the Judeo-Christian God for the bounty of the autumn harvest. In this episode we will discuss some common misconceptions and the origins of this holiday celebration. This is also the last episode before I go on vacation. I will be back the week of December 5th.

HistoryPodcast 34 – Thanksgiving.mp3 12:24 – 11.5MB


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