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22 March

Book Review: Unsolved Mysteries of History


I picked up Unsolved Mysteries of History: An Eye-Opening Investigation into the Most Baffling Events of All Time (n avery long title!) off the discounted shelves at Barnes & Noble on a whim. It sat for probably a year before I got to it. I was interested in it because I was hoping it would have some obscure historical mysteries in it. The book is divided up like this, each chapter covers a topic. Each one is presented as a question. For example, the first chapter is called “Were the Neanderthals our Ancestors?” It does cover some interesting topics, but each one is covered very quickly. Not enough attention is paid to each topic. Like the first chapter, you could write a whole book about this topic, but the author only covers this topic as a chapter. The book as a whole is very short making it impossible for the author to give the right amount of attention to each topic. The book is only 225 pages.

This books is one of those quick reads that you pick up for a short plane ride or something. Not something you are really going to get engrossed in. A quick history fix, if you will. I can’t recommend you to pick this one up, spend your time on something better that goes into the depth of a subject not something that briefly covers a large range. It has 3 stars out of 13 reviews at and 3.21 stars out of 28 ratings at Not a lot of people are reading this and they don’t really like or dislike the book.