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16 August

History of Ethan Allen


Ethan AllenNo, this is not about furniture

This will be a brief post, without the long detail that I usually provide.  I like to look though the history on this day section of the history channel’s website.  It has great stuff and is a source of inspiration for our monthly newsletter.  I’m not including this article on Ethan Allen in the monthly newsletter for September, but thought it was one of those hidden nuggets of history thats an “oh, I didn’t know that” moment.

Ethan Allen was a Colonel in the Continental Army.  He was retreating from an attack on Montreal when he was captured on September 25, 1775.  His punishment was to be execution.  However, Allen was well liked and England feared that killing him would be making him into a martyr.  Instead, they imprisoned him for two years.  He was released as part of a prion exchange and returned to Vermont.  When he returned he started petitioning for Vermont’s statehood, but died at age 51 on February 12, 1789, before he got to see that happen.  Vermont was declared the 14th state two years after his death.

Ethan Allen the company which came to be in the 1930’s adopted Ethan Allen’s name probably because of the location of the bankrupt furniture factory that they purchased in Beecher Falls, Vermont.

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