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02 April

HistoryPodcast 55 – Wall Street


Wall Street is the name of a narrow street in lower Manhattan running east from Broadway downhill to the East River. Considered to be the historical heart of the Financial District, it was the first permanent home of the New York Stock Exchange. The phrase “Wall Street” is also used to refer to American financial markets and financial institutions as a whole. Interestingly, most New York financial firms are no longer headquartered on Wall Street, but elsewhere in lower or midtown Manhattan, Greenwich, Connecticut, or New Jersey. JPMorgan Chase, the last major holdout, sold its headquarters tower at 60 Wall Street to Deutsche Bank in November 2001.

HP55 – Wall Street.mp3 16:42 – 15.4MB

Question: What is the first year Michelle mentions as a stock market crash?

Answer: 1929


Stock Market Crash of 1987
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Wikipedia article on Stock Market Crash of 1929
Wikiipedia Article
A to Z Investments: 1929 Crash

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica


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